Introducing your Valley Labour Candidates for TODAY!

 Your Candidates Elizabeth Baptiste, Zaheer Khan and Aktar Beg.

Your Candidates Elizabeth Baptiste, Zaheer Khan and Aktar Beg.

We are Elizabeth Baptiste, Aktar Beg and Zaheer Khan – your Labour Party candidates for Valley Ward.

 In the 2014 local election, we won a council seat in Valley for the first time. Since then the ward has seen its one Labour councillor fight hard for residents, leading to some lasting positive change; £100,000 investment to regenerate the Chingford Mount, improvements to parks and green spaces and most recently the successful £40,000 'Making Places' scheme which has seen us working alongside residents to improve community spaces, including a new parklet on Albert Crescent and a new entrance to the Memorial Park. But there is so much more we can do.

Savage cuts by the Conservative Government and years of neglect by Tory councillors here in Chingford mean that the area has not received the attention it deserves, but we offer something different. Over the last four years, your one Labour councillor has demonstrated the real difference Labour can make on our streets and in our community, so imagine what three Labour councillors can do for you and your families.

We have been out on the doorstep speaking to you and listening to your concerns. You have raised a number of issues with us; litter on our streets, road surfacing, community engagement, anti-social behavior and cuts to police services. Valley needs three councillors who are passionate about making a difference to residents’ lives and who will fight to make sure your concerns are dealt with.

With Waltham Forest having been named London's first Borough of Culture 2019, we have a real opportunity to capitialise on our new title and give you, the residents Chingford, access to a fantastic cultural programme. We want to see more investment in our high streets, more community spaces and improved transport links, bringing jobs, housing and a more diverse evening economy into the area, helping to put Chingford on the map.

You deserve to have your voices heard and we are committed to standing up and representing the interests of Valley, making it a fantastic place for you to live.

That is why we are asking you to vote for your three Labour Candidates Today, Thursday 3 May.