Introducing your Hatch Lane Labour Candidates!

 Your Hatch Lane Candidates out with Volunteers in the Friday Hill Estate

Your Hatch Lane Candidates out with Volunteers in the Friday Hill Estate

We are Liz Fenton, Lesley Finlayson and Jenny Lennox - your Labour and Cooperative Candidates for Hatch Lane Ward on May 3rd 2018.

We have been out on the doorstep every week listening to the issues that matter most to you; local issues such as traffic, fly-tipping, overcrowded housing, safe walks to school and parking; and national issues like the deterioration of the NHS, lack of affordable housing, loneliness, cuts to school and police budgets, youth services and elderly care. These problems spring from austerity, which Labour is fighting to end.

When we walk around parts of Hatch Lane ward, you would not think that we are one of the richest countries in the world. Chingford Conservative councillors blame it on the Labour Council, whilst refusing to take responsibility for the severe cuts the Conservatives have made to the Council’s budget, and all the while doing nothing proactive to help local residents. The local Member of Parliament, Iain Duncan Smith, has brought in policies that have devastated local people; overseeing cuts to disability benefits, cuts in children’s and adult social care and a rise in homelessness. 

Like many of you, we make contributions to the local food bank which does great work, but why is it that we need a food bank in 21st century London? We need one because our society has become increasingly unfair and divided, where those who need support find themselves isolated and demonised. That is why Labour is the only Party that can deliver for residents in Waltham Forest, whether improving parks investing in our leisure centres, libraries and cinemas.

We have met many Hatch Lane residents who feel neglected and of course it is no coincidence that the ward has never had a Labour Councillor.

Liz, Lesley and Jenny want to put this right. Hatch Lane needs a campaigning, caring voice on the council – one which will fight for the issues you care about.