Introducing your Hale End and Highams Park Candidates!

Ros, Zia Tony.jpg

We are Tony Bell, Rosalind Doré and Zia Rehman – your Labour Party candidates for Hale End & Highams Park.

We all live locally and are passionate about making the area a great place to live, work and play. 

Tony has been a councillor for the last four years and has many community campaigns to his credit; the library, the redevelopment of the Regal Cinema and the fantastic Café in the park – opening soon!

Rosalind grew up in Hale End and Highams Park and went to Handsworth Primary school and Highams Park secondary school.  She has long been a campaigner against school cuts especially to subjects such as art, drama and music.

Zia is an active member of the Patient Participation Group at Handsworth Medical Practice which was recently awarded Gold Status by Waltham Forest CCG for its work in caring for patients.

We have been out on the doorstep over the last few months talking to residents and hearing about local issues. Responding to what you are most concerned about has been vital to our campaign -parking, road maintenance and anti-social behaviour.  One to one case work is a priority for your Hale End & Highams Park Labour Campaign Team. 

We have been involved in lots of local projects: Anti-idling at the level crossing, finding places for new trees and improving our parks and green spaces.

National issues are also having an impact on our Hale End & Highams Park Community.  The massive surge in child poverty, an increase in rough sleeping on our streets and cuts to police officers on the beat.  We are standing as Labour candidates because we believe that under this Conservative Government, life is getting worse for our community’s most vulnerable people.  We are committed to protecting Hale End & Highams Park residents from the savage cuts made by central government in the name of austerity.

Despite Waltham Forest’s budget being reduced by £115 million since 2010, the Labour council have continued to invest in Highams Park with some brilliant local developments. The Making Places scheme on Aldriche Way, investment in the shop fronts on The Broadway and the Regal Cinema being completely refurbished and operated by the non-profit organisation, Rio.  

We have had countless conversations with residents concerned about facilities for young people in the area.  With the redevelopment of the Regal and Waltham Forest being awarded the first London Borough of Culture, look out for more projects that will keep our young people busy!

Many of you have said you have noticed a huge difference since Hale End and Highams Park has had a Labour Councillor, imagine the difference the three of us could make for you and your families.  Vote for Tony, Rosalind and Zia on 3 May.